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Samsung – Costco Table

Creating a place for consumers to interact with the latest Samsung Mobile and Wearable Innovations


Samsung – Costco Table




Store within a Store








6-8 weeks

Project Overview

Not just a table!

Somerville was challenged to design a product display table that followed both Samsung and Costco brand guidelines for mobile, tablets and wearable devices.

Key features of the table are:

Ease of setup. Traditionally a program like this would be installed by our installation team. In this case one of the asks was to design it in a fashion that the Costco staff could easily setup the unit from knock down component. We were able to do this by using common tools and hardware that anyone would be familiar with and ship on a single 4’x8′ reinforced pallet.

Adaptable to any planogram. Samsung is in a constant refresh cycle with new, innovative products all the time. The design of the table top enables Samsung to change up the product position and assortmant easily. As part of our service Somerville manages product refreshes providing updated and preprogrammed devices as needed.

Durability. The fixture must hold up to very busy wharehouse style stores. Materials and finishes were chosen to keep them looking fresh for years to come. As the system is modular, if damage occurs parts are simple to replace on site vs the entire unit.