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Golf Town

Embark on a journey where architectural vision meets manufacturing ingenuity, as Somerville breathes life into Golf Town’s new retail haven.


Golf Town




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4-6 Weeks

Project Overview

Embark on a journey where architectural vision meets manufacturing ingenuity, as Somerville breathes life into Golf Town’s new retail haven, blending materials and expertise to redefine the shopping experience.

Somerville was tasked with executing several crucial aspects of a new Golf Town location, leveraging high-level architectural drawings as the blueprint. Our involvement extended from conceptualization to material selection and manufacturing, with a focus on delivering an aesthetically appealing yet economically viable solution that could withstand the rigors of a retail environment.

Key Contributions:

  1. Material Selection Expertise: Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we meticulously evaluated various materials suitable for retail environments. We provided valuable insights into the selection of materials that not only aligned with the architectural vision but also promised durability and longevity. Through our recommendations, we ensured that the chosen materials would withstand the wear and tear expected in a bustling retail space.
  2. Manufacturing Solutions: Somerville’s team of experts delved into the intricacies of manufacturing processes, devising efficient solutions tailored to the project’s requirements. By optimizing manufacturing techniques, we streamlined the production process, minimizing costs without compromising on quality. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured that each component was fabricated to exact specifications, guaranteeing seamless integration within the retail environment.
  3. Value Engineering: With a keen eye for cost-effectiveness, Somerville actively pursued value engineering strategies to maximize the project’s ROI. By proposing alternative manufacturing methods and material substitutions, we identified opportunities to reduce expenses without sacrificing the integrity of the design concept. Our value engineering efforts resulted in optimized solutions that aligned with budgetary constraints while upholding the desired aesthetic and functional standards.
  4. Integration of Mixed Materials: A hallmark of our contribution was the adept integration of mixed materials, including wood, metal, and plastics, to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the retail space. By harmonizing disparate elements, we curated a cohesive design palette that underscored the brand identity of Golf Town while infusing a contemporary flair. Our proficiency in working with diverse materials enabled us to create a dynamic retail environment that captivated customers and fostered engagement.

Outcome: Through our strategic collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, Somerville successfully brought the architectural vision for the new Golf Town location to life. Our expertise in material selection, manufacturing, and value engineering contributed to the creation of a retail environment that epitomizes durability, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. The seamless integration of mixed materials serves as a testament to our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that surpass client expectations and elevate the retail experience.