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Our Manufacturing Process

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we craft retail displays that not only meet but exceed expectations.

01. Engineering Meeting

Our engineering team meets with the heads of the production team for a critical discussion after design renderings and cost figures have been approved. Through cooperation, production drawings are made sure to precisely represent the authorized design and match our manufacturing capacity. At this point, any possible optimizations or obstacles are found and dealt with to expedite the production process.

02. Materials Ordered

After the production drawings are completed, our procurement team gets right to finding and placing the necessary material orders. In order to maintain the integrity of your project, we place a high value on quality and dependability and get our products from reliable vendors.

03. Manufacture "First Off" for Approval

Before full-scale production commences, we produce a “first-off” prototype or sample for your approval. This first prototype is put through a thorough evaluation process to confirm dimensions, functionality, and tolerances. Your input is crucial to ensuring that the finished product lives up to your expectations.

04. Full Manufacturing of All Components

Once we have your approval, we start producing all of the components on a large scale. We are able to perform manufacturing effectively while upholding the highest standards of quality and precision thanks to our modern facilities and highly skilled team.

05. Assembly

Our assembly team carefully assembles each component in accordance with the approved design after it has been manufactured to specification. In order to guarantee correct fit, functionality, and aesthetic coherence at this point, attention to detail is crucial.

06. Quality Control

We incorporate quality control into each stage of the manufacturing process. From raw materials to completed goods, our committed QC staff tests and inspects everything thoroughly. By taking a proactive stance, we can quickly spot and fix any deviations or flaws, guaranteeing that our customers only receive the best products.

07. Packaging & Delivery

Your product is meticulously packaged and ready for shipping after assembly and quality check are finished. To reduce the possibility of damage or loss during shipment, we pack your product using materials and methods that are considered industry standards.

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