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Scratch Ticket Displays

Increase the visibility of your scratch tickets without affecting retail counter space. These low-profile displays minimize obstructions while maximizing ticket visibility. Integrated security features prevent theft. Multiple configurations of each display available to suit retail requirements.

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  • Designed for point-of-purchase area within the store
  • Showcase instant tickets behind lockable clear plastic door
  • Optional graphic messaging at the front
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  • Low profile minimizes counter obstructions
  • Interchangeable graphic messaging at the front
  • Easy operation with protruding handle for ticket tray
  • Secure to counter with just 4 permanent adhesive pads
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  • Tightly spaced finger extrusions maximize ticket capacity
  • Available with flat nosecone and half width
  • Integrated handle with spring latch, slide latch, & cam lock for extra security
  • Angle tickets and clear front cover to enhance ticket visibility
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  • Double-stacked ticket trays for extra storage
  • Available in various width and ticket tray sizes
  • Spring latches and key cam lock for extra security
  • Durable and spill-resistant plastic & tempered glass construction
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