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Lotto Hubs

Eye-catching, small footprint, fully integrated terminal that is designed to be the center-of-play in any retail environment. Rather it is keno or scratch tickets, the table surface provided dedicated area for play and free-up traffic from the check-out area.

7ft, 6ft, and wall mount option available. Digital touchscreen for 7ft and 6ft wall unit available with built-in WIFI.

Customize Yours

Ascend – Wall Mount

  • Designed for retail locations where floor space is limited
  • White LED backlit attention-grabbing strips on both sides
  • Integrated lockable storage drawer for extra slip sheets
  • Customizable ticket checker and slip sheet area
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Ascend – 7ft and 6ft

  • Weighted metal base plate to ensure unit is safe and stable in any use scenarios.
  • Access door for maintenance with integrated storage and removable waste bin inside base cabinet
  • Illuminated LED accent lighting could be customized in any color
  • Removable ticket checker and slip sheet section can be customized with payment options
  • Available in both analogue or digital configurations (7ft – 32” LCD, 6ft -21.5” LCD)
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